LIBRA ASTROLOGY WEEKLY 25-09-2016 TO 01-10-2016

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In this week the Libra Horoscope people groups are being untrustworthy to yourself
and to others.

In this Libra Astrology there are being shut and are not attempting to comprehend the more profound significance of why an occasion has happened in life.

The time has come to acknowledge duty regarding your activities. Try not to attempt to refuse to accept responsibility for the issues at hand also, reprimand others for your slip-ups.

In the event that you are included in a legitimate matter, you might be anxious around an out of line result.

You may challenge the last judgment. There might be lawful confusions or something that impedes equity being served.

You may need to manage somebody that tries to over-talk you or difficulties your perspectives.

Hold fast. On the off chance that you discover you are inconsistent with somebody  in power, you will need to arrange an answer through and through clash won’t help.

You may need to settle on a testing proficient choice or an authorized change of  obligations.

There ought to be uplifting news about cash or a money related open door. Scurry makes waste.

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In the event that you are racing to meet a due date, it might be to your greatest advantage to request an expansion.

In spite of the fact that you function admirably under weight, this could likewise trade off the nature of your work.

Affection, satisfaction and satisfaction in individual connections is on the horoscope this week.

You can believe your heart and instinct about individuals and circumstances now.

In this Libra Astrology, this week you may enjoy an extravagance and dismissal your financial plan completely.

Your family is loving and caring, however they likewise request your time and consideration. Warm companionship’s keep you agreeable.





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SUN (SURYA) in  12th House from this  Libra House.

MOON (CHANDRA) in   9th, 10th, 11th and 12th House in this week from this Libra House.

MARS (KUJA) in 3rd House from this Libra House. 

MERCURY (BUDHA) is in 11th House from this Libra House.

JUPITER (GURU)  is in 12th House from this Libra House.

VENUS (SHUKRA) is in 1st House from this Libra House.

SATRUN (SHANI) is in 2nd House from this Libra House 

RAHU (RAHUVU) is in 11th House from this Libra House.

KETU (KETHUVU) is in 5th House from this Libra House.


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Libra Astrology Peoples Nava Graha Remedies


Om Namo Adityayacha Somaya Mangalaya Budhayacha Guru Shukra Shanibyascha Rahave Kethave Namaha.  Chant this one time.

Japa kusuma samkasham kasyapeyam mahaa dhyuthim Thamorim sarva papagnam pranathosmi Diwakaram. Chant 1 times every day.  7 times in a week {on Sunday}

Devanancha Rushinancha Gurum Kanchana Sannibham Buddhi Butham Trilokesham Tham Namami Bruhaspathim.  Chant This Daily 3 times or 16 times in a week {on Thursday}.

Thanking you One and All



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