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This week the Sagittarius Horoscope peoples demonstrate that you are not in control of your life, now and then as your very own aftereffect activities, yet more frequently as a side effect of inaction.

Kick away your unfortunate propensities.

Contemplation and yoga is remedial for you as of right now.

You have shown creativity, expertise, instinct.

Think positive and take control of your life.

Wedding chimes may ring for qualified Sagittarius.

A fine period to think back on and there’s a whole other world to come.

Listen to your instinct and prepare for overindulgence in nourishment, drink or work.

You can confront truths, manage passionate decisions or troublesome circumstances and turn out unaffected.


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Kick away your unfortunate propensities. Contemplation and yoga is remedial for you as of right now.

You take after the musicality of your heart and endeavor to experience the unthinkable dream!

Work and home adjust is going to be tilted more than ever because of awesome open doors.

However you measure the repercussions of your choices regardless of the possibility that you don’t really talk about them with family or a mate.

Senior citizens start to show black out dissatisfaction over gentle issues however you sense there is a bigger tempest sitting tight to happen for totally inconsequential reasons.

Your impulses help you explore out of sense of self fights, issues of disregard or shared obligation like a charmer.

Work/work/vocation give fulfillment and prospects of further progression; beautiful fulfillment funds and considerably all the more fulfilling affection, jumping, connections.




Sagittarius Astrology House to Nava Graha Locations

SUN (SURYA) in  11th House from this  Sagittarius Astrology House.

MOON (CHANDRA) in 11th, 12th and 1st in this week from Sagittarius Astrology House.

MARS (KUJA) in 1st and 2nd House from this Sagittarius Astrology House. 

MERCURY (BUDHA) is in 11th House from this Sagittarius House.

JUPITER (GURU)  is in 10th House from this Sagittarius House.

VENUS (SHUKRA) is in 12th House from this Sagittarius Astrology House.

SATRUN (SHANI) is in 12th House from this Sagittarius Astrology House . 

RAHU (RAHUVU) is in 9th House from this Sagittarius Astrology House.

KETU (KETHUVU) is in 3rd House from this Sagittarius House.

Sagittarius Horoscope peoples Navagraha Remedies

Om Namo Adityayacha Somaya Mangalaya Budhayacha Guru Shukra Shanibyascha Rahave Kethave Namaha. Chant this one time.

saturn, shani, ravi puthram, neelanjana



Neelanjana Samabhasam Ravi Putram Yama Agrajam Chaya Marthanda Sambhutham Tham Namami Shanescharam.  Chant This Daily 3 Times or 19 Times in a week {on Saturday}



Thank you one and all

All the Best


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