Welcome to Jyothisyam.com, Hai This is Satyanarayana S.V.S. any body Real Struggles we are freely providing  Jyothisyam for U.


jyothisyam.com People Who is Suffering With Jobless, Unmarried, Career we will provide your Jyothisyam with a free of cost with detailed discussions which Graha suffering to You we will trace and we will give suggestions to you, which pooja, stotra, mantra etc., which is the best we will provide all details to you free of cost.  We do not need any payment. Your horoscope is really having any struggle we will call and we will discuss your astrology with you and we will provide all the details of Astrology.

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Astrology, Horoscope, Jyothisyam all these are same. These all are Peoples Astrology. But People are looking only favor from the Nava Grahas.

  • Which Graha is ruling that person in his Astrology
  • Which Graha is Favor that person in his Astrology.
  • which Graha is Enemy to that person in his Astrology.
  • Which Graha is Yoga Karak to that Person in his Astrology.
  • Which Graha is in MulaTrikona Sign in his Astrology.
  • Which Graha is Upper (Ucha Sthithi) Location in his Astrology.
  • Which Graha is Lower (Neecha Sthithi) Location in his Astrology.