HOROSCOPE CANCER 09-04-2017 TO 15-04-17

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HOROSCOPE CANCER – APRIL 09th to 15th 2017

You are happy to see the children success.

You are interested to take on your family matters.

Unnecessary talks not considered.

It is not such a grievous wrongdoing.

Learn to acknowledge more.

Weight works around the home front.

Love, festivity and sentiment are on the chart.

Stroll with individuals who share a shared objective.

You may be overpowered by another person’s persistence.

A business trip, however boisterous, will bring achievement.

Realize what you need, and don’t dither to request only that.

Create the best you are able to do and as adequately as possible.

You are probably going to investigate your profound side today.

Accounts might be a reason for sympathy toward some of you.

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Deal evaluating may entice some to sign dabbed line on the property front.

Stepping up with regards to work will make imperative individuals see you.

It is fitting to be reasonable seeing someone and watchful in cash exchanges.

Contacts interchanges, connecting with individuals and spots deal with that inclination.

You felt you did not have a legitimate heading and center in your life for a little while now.

This week brings somebody into your life who can empower and free you from a circumstance you feel stuck in.

Throughout the following three to four weeks, you might be fairly more engrossed by work, which could in this manner cut into your social engagements.




SUN (SURYA) in 9th and 10th House from this Cancer House.

MOON (CHANDRA) in  2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th House in this week from this Cancer House.

MARS (KUJA) in 10th and 11th House from this Cancer House. 

MERCURY (BUDHA) is in 10th House from this Cancer House and Mercury is moving Retrograde Manner.

JUPITER (GURU)  is in 3rd House from this Cancer House and Jupiter is moving retrograde manner (Negative Manner).

VENUS (SHUKRA) is in 9th House from this Cancer House and Venus is moving Negative Manner.

SATRUN (SHANI) is in 6th House from this Cancer House 

RAHU (RAHUVU) is in 2nd House from this Cancer House.

KETU (KETHUVU) is in 8th House from this Cancer   House.

Cancer Horoscope Peoples Navagraha Remedies

Om Namo Adityayacha Somaya Mangalaya Budhayacha Guru Shukra Shanibyascha Rahave Kethave Namaha.  Chant this one time.

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Priyangu Kalika Shyamam Rupena Prathimam Budham Sowmyam Sowmya Guno Petham Tham Budham Pranamamyaham. Chant This Daily 3 times or 17 times in a week {on Wednesday}.

jupiter, bruhaspathi, guru

Devanancha Rushinancha Gurum Kanchana Sannibham Buddhi Butham Trilokesham Tham Namami Bruhaspathim.  Chant This Daily 3 times or 16 times in a week {on Thursday}.

KETU :  Palasha Pushpa samkasham Tharaka Graha Masthakam Roudhram Roudhrathmakam Goram Tham Kethum Pranamamyaham.  Chant this Daily 1 time.

Thank you one and all,

All the Best.

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