LIBRA WEEKLY HOROSCOPE 16-10-2016 TO 22-10-2016

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Dear Libra Horoscope Peoples, this week, it is best to attempt and spare cash as awesome use is on the cards.

Then again, a couple Libra peoples may likewise confront money related strife.

Be that as it may, this circumstance is impermanent. You will have the capacity to oversee it well.

It is a decent time for individuals in a relationship.

Your accomplice will love and bolster you and your relationship will get to be more grounded.

In the event that you are with each other, you will have the capacity to surmount all troubles and difficulties.

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The cards encourage you to look for profound solace.

You will be included in otherworldly activities.

You through a test to a mate; for them to accomplish something outstanding, substantiate themselves in ways.

While men go effortlessly from laying winged serpents to culling gems from the atmosphere; lady are more protected in what they accept is simply a welcome to desire.

Adolescents choose not to play sentimental diversions, truth or set out or racy action as there vulnerabilities appear.

An easygoing connect with a smash winds up putting a lot of separation in a genuine responsibility somewhere else.

Some locate a friend or family member is far off and you go into a sulk prompting the crevice enlarging.

Others veer between living with the unremarkable and enjoying books as opposed to irritating a since quite a while ago looked after relationship.





SUN (SURYA) in  1st House from this  Libra House.

MOON (CHANDRA) in 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th House in this week from this Libra House.

MARS (KUJA) in 3rd House from this Libra House. 

MERCURY (BUDHA) is in 12th House from this Libra House.

JUPITER (GURU)  is in 12th House from this Libra House.

VENUS (SHUKRA) is in 2nd House from this Libra House.

SATRUN (SHANI) is in 2nd House from this Libra House 

RAHU (RAHUVU) is in 11th House from this Libra House.

KETU (KETHUVU) is in 5th House from this Libra House.



Libra Astrology Peoples Nava Graha Remedies

Om Namo Adityayacha Somaya Mangalaya Budhayacha Guru Shukra Shanibyascha Rahave Kethave Namaha.  Chant this one time.

Priyangu Kalika Shyamam Rupena Prathimam Budham Sowmyam Sowmya Guno Petham Tham Budham Pranamamyaham. Chant This Daily 3 times or 17 times in a week {on Wednesday}.

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Devanancha Rushinancha Gurum Kanchana Sannibham Buddhi Butham Trilokesham Tham Namami Bruhaspathim.  Chant This Daily 3 times or 16 times in a week {on Tuesday)

Thanking you One and All


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