VIRGO HOROSCOPE WEEKLY 25-09-2016 TO 01-10-2016

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Virgo Horoscope people groups this week you might be in a tight spot. This making it exceptionally troublesome for you to settle on a choice.

Besides, you appear to have blindfolded yourself. Simply open your eyes, lay out the advantages and disadvantages of every choice that is accessible to you and weigh up which choice will have the most good result.

In your Virgo Horoscope weekly there it likewise appears that you may feeling struck amidst two restricting sides.

You might attempt to assume the peace- creator part, yet in doing this, you are simply confounding yourself and making more strain.

Agents ought not sign any new arrangements or contracts this week.

In the week finishing your money related conditions might enhance impressively and bolster picks up from the legislature or power are particularly shown, so keep them upbeat and give them due significance as that should be extremely productive for you over the long haul.

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Make upgrades at home, keep up a sound viewpoint and put more exertion into the way you express what you need.

In this Virgo Horoscope there is an absence of coherence will bring about disarray. There can be a few acknowledge with respect to how you frequently treat individuals throughout your life, ways that may need to change.

Abstain from settling on incautious choices. Focus on home, family and how you can make the most with that you have.

This Horoscope peoples listen to your heart and your intuition when you are in a dilemma.

You may have clashes with your companions, yet your relationship won’t be influenced therefore.



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For anyone to say mantras docked specified under


Om Namo Adityayacha Somaya Mangalaya Budhayacha Guru Shukra Shanibyascha Rahave Kethave Namaha.  Chant this one time.

SUN (SURYA) in 1st House from this  Virgo House.

MOON (CHANDRA) in   10th, 11th, 12th and 1st House in this week from this Virgo House.

MARS (KUJA) in 4th House from this Virgo House. 

MERCURY (BUDHA) is in 12th House from this Virgo House.

JUPITER (GURU)  is in 1st House from this Virgo House.

VENUS (SHUKRA) is in 2nd House from this Virgo House.

SATRUN (SHANI) is in 3rd House from this Virgo House 

RAHU (RAHUVU) is in 12th House from this Virgo House.

KETU (KETHUVU) is in 6th House from this Virgo House.


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